New Technology

The course New Technology is offered every year at the Reykjavik University. The course is offered spring semester 2016 starting in January and is offered to all students in all schools of the university.

To participate in the course you are welcome to the New Technology channel on Vimeo.

Anybody at RU student can sign up for the course. The only requirement is that you have seen three movies as shown in the New Technology 2011 – The Prerequisite Trailer.


The world is changing. One of the major factors of change is technology. We constantly want new technology and we constantly use and rely on technology. Technology is what drives businesses, provides growth and new opportunities. Technology can also be disruptive putting many companies out of business and people out of work.

But do we really understand how technology changes and how it impacts businesses and people? Why do we find technology so unpredictable and difficult to understand? Why do businesses fail to take opportunities of new technologies and loose their market to newcomers?

As it turns out there are lots of studies and theories of technology and how technology evolves over time. In fact some technology follows a remarkably predictable path of evolution while other developments are highly unpredictable. By understanding these we can start to evaluate technology and even predict how technology will evolve and how it will disrupt our lives.

Some points:

  • In the next few years about billion people will connect for the first time to the Internet
  • TV stations as we know them will go out of business
  • CDs and DVDs are not the future distribution format for music
  • Printed newspapers will go out of business
  • Mobile phones will converge with PC technology
  • Social networks will be shape the next generation in more ways than we see today
  • Real-time news will be handled by people not news organization
  • Books are getting digital

The goal of this course is to provide insight in to how technology evolves, how to track technology trends and create a framework for understanding and even predicting technology changes.

History has numerous examples of how good and well-run companies fail to see potential of new technology and lose their market shares to new entrants to the market. Indeed, technology has for past decades and centuries, been one of the factors that have had major impact on businesses as well as people’s daily live.

Technology has gradually improved over the years and even at times new innovations have disrupted society, causing businesses to go bankrupt and new once to emerge. Looking back, we see how entrepreneurs have used this technology progress to create new opportunities. History has several examples of how technology has transformed society.

This course is about the study of technology and the impact of technology on societies, industries, companies and people.

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