New Technology

New Technology is offered every year at the Reykjavik University on the spring term starting in January. The course is offered to all students in all schools of the university.

To participate in the course you are welcome to the New Technology channel on Vimeo.


Technology is among things that have in last decades and centuries brought tremendous prosperity to mankind. We have experienced lot of technology changes and there is no end in sight. Experts predict that we will see more changes due to technology in the next two to three decades, then we have in the last few centuries. In this course we will explore the nature of technology, how it evolves and look at several laws and theories on technological change and their impact on people, companies and societies. We will look into at technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, robots and much more. Also, we will explore new technology solutions of today and look into the future.


  • Understand the importance of technology as a driving force in people’s daily lives, business operations and community development.
  • Know technology history and examples of the impact of disruptive technology, both for new companies and established.
  • Understand how technology evolves and the principles that apply.
  • Have an overview of important contemporary technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics and drones, virtual reality and more, what it means and what effect it will have.
  • Choose a technology for research and writing a research paper.


The course is organised into six modules:

  • Module 1 – Technology Evolution
  • Module 2 – Innovation
  • Module 3 – Business Transformation
  • Module 4 – Infrastructure
  • Module 5 – Algorithms and Platforms
  • Module 6 – Future of Work

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